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OEM 1 min read April 19, 2024

Cranes For Forwarders

FTG also supplies cranes for many of the forwarder brands on the market, such as Terri, Vimek, Novotny och Jarcrac. They choose Mowi parallel crane since they are both powerful, fast, and easy to operate with low oil flow requirements. If you are looking for a traditional knuckle boom crane for your forwarder, we kan provide that too.

FTG can supply cranes with different technologies and characteristics and adapt them for many different purposes. Depending on your needs you might prefer a parallel crane from Mowi or a knuckle boom crane from Moheda or Källefall. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss how we can help you.

Below you see the pictures of the different crane types and what differs between them in construction;

Mowi parallel crane, powerful, fast, and easy to operate with low oil flow requirements.

Moheda knuckle boom crane with cylinder on top of main boom.

Källefall knuckle boom crane with well protected lift cylinder below the main boom .

Contact us for more information:

+46 (0)521-26 27 50


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