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Sustainability: Being the Drive for Positive Change

Our mission is to use our technology, knowledge and influence across industries to accelerate positive global change. Recognising our work in environmentally intensive industries, we strive for a long-term ecological, social and economic balance.

Commitment to global sustainability goals

Sustainability has no boundaries and goes beyond the actions of us as individual companies; we believe that companies are central to driving change and sustainable industry transformation. Through our expertise, we aim to support our customers in adopting sustainable models for dry bulk handling, wood processing and forestry.

Strategy for sustainable development

Our sustainable development strategy consists of five steps: analysis, setting direction, prioritising objectives, implementation and monitoring. We assess our impacts and opportunities through baseline analysis, stakeholder dialogue, materiality analysis, climate impact assessment, value chain analysis and life cycle assessment.

Our sustainability promise

We integrate sustainability into our core business and define clear goals and strategies to achieve them. By reviewing and defining target processes, forming a global sustainability team and developing a sustainability policy, we ensure that our ambitions become reality.

Monitoring and evaluation

We monitor and evaluate our progress through clear targets and indicators, and are open to adjusting our course as needed. By being transparent in our journey, we want to inspire positive change both within our industries and other actors we come into contact with globally.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We take concrete action and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact business network. By analysing our operations and involving stakeholders, we aim to make the world more sustainable.

Turning words into action

By turning words into action, we are moving step by step towards sustainable business. We start with what is most important and focus on what is feasible here and now to build momentum and thus gradually increase stakeholder engagement.

Together we can do more

Transparency is key to our sustainability work. Through open communication and knowledge sharing, we hope to involve our customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders to drive sustainable development together.

Handling the future

FTG are active participants in the Bruks Siwertell Group’s overall sustainability programme. For the Bruks Siwertell Group (BSG), ‘managing the future’ means that we will do what we can, and what is required now, for a more sustainable world from a social, environmental and governance perspective, and preserve it for future generations. Read more about the sustainability work of BSG on their website via the link below.

Sustainability Highlights And Report 2023

For the past years, we have taken a strategic approach to sustainability, including setting out milestones for the next few years and goals for 2030. Our sustainability journey began with a materiality analysis, including stakeholder dialogues, risk analysis and the analysis of external factors that impact our business, such as political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental.

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