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About FTG


About FTG

Forest Technology Group, or FTG as we say, was formed in 2005 and is a merger of several different leading technology companies in Sweden in the forest industry; Moheda trailers; Wikhede Makaniska; and Källefall.  

Moheda trailers, which was founded as early as 1835 in Moheda, Småland, was the first to sell Robson driven trailers in 1983. Around 1980, Wikhede Mekaniska, started manufacturing the unique patented Mowi parallel crane, which was developed by Wiking Gunnarsson in the small town of Bäckefors in Dalsland, Sweden.

Källefall was a company that originated from the farm Källefall outside of Tidaholm in Västergötland, Sweden. Källefall’s product has been manufactured since the early 1990s in Vilnius, Lithuania. The production company, which is now part of FTG, further developed the Källefall product in the early 2010s, and has successfully sold it throughout Europe.

With the mix of participating companies, FTG has been a concept for forest trailers since the 1960s in Sweden and since the beginning of the 2010s in the rest of Europe. Long tradition, high quality, and technical competence, along with that the products are built by and for foresters, are some of the key factors that have made FTG a leading player in forest trailers and cranes.

FTG currently builds and produces forest trailers and cranes in two different production units in Europe. In the unit in Bäckefors and Trollhättan, Sweden, we develop and manufacture our premium trailers FTG Moheda and FTG Mowi, and in Vilnius in Lithuania we develop and manufacture our standard trailers, that are sold under the brand names FTG Källefall and FTG Forest.

With a long tradition, knowledge, technology and the high Swedish quality as a basis, today FTG is the clear market leader in the Nordic region in forest trailers, and an important player overall for small and large trailers throughout Europe. Many of our customers are self-employed forest owners or entrepreneurs. A number of our employees own forest themselves, and use forest trailers.

With our broad product range, from standard to premium, we meet large parts of the current needs in forestry in Europe. We care sincerely about a high level of customer satisfaction based on the needs you have and the choices you make when buying a forest trailer, and we have many returning customers that we usually call our ambassadors. We see this as a clear proof of that we keep our promises. We want to enable A good day in the forest for all our customers.

FTG Cranes and FTG Baltic, which are now the two unit names, are subsidiaries of Bruks Siwertell Group, which is a world leader in dry bulk material handling, with 1.6 billion SEK in turnover. Bruks Siwertell Group delivers customized machines and systems for e.g. ports, sawmills, papermills, biofuel factories, and bioenergy power plants. Bruks Siwertell Group has been owned since 2018 by JCE Group and Cargotec.

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