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June 2022



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New crane FB63TS

The new crane FB63TS from FTG | Källefall provides a total reach up to 6.3 m and a 600kg lifting capacity at the max reach. FB63TS is an enhanced crane FB63T.
Crane FB63TS is equipped with a 3 ton rotator and grapple FB160 by default and ensures a lifting capacity of 47kNm (Gross) at max reach of 6,3m. There are numerous valve packages and accessories to choose from. Crane designed for versatile work applications:

  • Forest trailers
  • Chippers
  • Log splitters
  • Attachment to the tractor

FB63TS co…

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May 2022



Källefall / Källefall / News

New products information

FTG | Källefall is constantly improving and seeking to meet every forestry lover's needs. We are happy to present our newest products below which you can already find on the website and order right away.

What's new:

  • Improved smallest trailer

  • New cranes

  • More ergonomic operator’s platform


Trailer FB40D is an improved FB30D model with increased loading capacity to 4 ton and double beam frame;

Crane FB47L has a reach of 4,7 meters 590 kg lifting capacity at the maximum reach…

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