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LED working light


FTG | Forest

LED working light


FTG Forest / Källefall presenting LED light for all type of cranes, which is mounted on a crane second boom side. These LED lights is completely sealed to prevent moisture and dust from entering. LED light has metal protection cover and easy mounted with three bolts.

The main features to choose LED light:

  • LED light last longer;
  • LED light is focused directly where it‘s needed;
  • LED lighting accumulates more light – so it‘s mean, better visibility;

LED lights last longer

Traditional lights have a limited service life and can suffer from damage due to vibrations resulting in increased costs and less efficient operations. With an LED Lighting on a FTG Forest / Källefall crane you get lights that have a much longer service life, and will be far less prone to damage from vibration.

We care about operator safety

Because light distribution in LED lights is more focused, the FTG Forest / Källefall crane operator is less likely to get blinded by the light when looking at the load. Furthermore, with LED lighting the light is not dispersed laterally but directed where it is needed - on the load.

Powerful and eco – friendly LED lights

FTG Forest / Källefall crane LED lights comes with large lumen packages  - 3520 lumens. The LED light power is 48W and the supply voltage ranges from 9 to 32V.

LED technology has been globally recognized as extremely clean and eco-friendly.

Are this LED light can be mounted on used cranes?

This new LED light is mounted on all new FTG Forest / Källefall cranes, and it‘s also posible to mount on any used FTG Forest / Källefall crane boom. LED light is equipped with a 12-m power supplying cable and a standard 3-pin DIN 9680 plug.

For more information about LED lights for FTG Forest / Källefall crane boom contact a region dealer.

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